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How to use the Workout Builder to create circuit training style workouts

This tutorial will guide you through using the Workout Builder in GoXPro – the platform's second training plan builder, ideal for creating EMOMs, AMRAPs, HIIT, rehab, or any circuit-style workouts for groups or individuals. In this tutorial, we are focusing on constructing a HIIT workout.

Step 1: Starting your workout

  • Begin by entering a name, description, and any notes for the coach for your workout. 
  • Click "Add" to create a blank template that includes three sections: warm-up, workout, and cool-down.

Step 2: Customizing sections

  • You can select different section types as needed. It's possible to modify the section names to better reflect the activities or focus areas.
  • For each section, you can specify the number of rounds, the time between exercise stations, and the time allocated per station. These can vary per station or be uniform across all.

Step 3: Adding exercises

  • Click the "Add Exercise" button. 
  • Start with a warm-up exercise from the "Muscle Groups" library. You have the option to change the exercise's display name and add specific instructions, such as repetition range.
  • Continue adding exercises, for instance, selecting from the "Functional Movement Patterns" library.
  • For each exercise, check the video, adjust the display name if necessary, and add instructions. 
  • Repeat this process until the section is complete.
  • Use the "Preview" button to see how the workout appears, including a phone view in the coaches' app.

Step 4: Adjusting timings and rounds

  • In the workout section summary, set fixed timings for work and rest periods. For example, 45 seconds of work per station, 1-minute rest between the warm-up and workout, 15 seconds rest between exercises, and three rounds of the workout with 1-minute rest between rounds.

Step 5: Finalizing your workout

  • After adding all your exercises and setting the structure of your workout, you can preview it in full screen or on a phone view to ensure it looks perfect.
  • For the cool-down section, include stretches to be held for 60 seconds. 
  • A built-in voice prompt can inform clients when to switch sides or move to the next stretch.

Step 6: Reviewing and sharing

  • The total workout time is displayed, and clicking it provides a printable overview. 
  • Once the workout is complete, it's stored under the "My Workouts" tab for future use with any client. 
  • Sharing the workout with clients is straightforward – navigate to the client's folder, select the workout, and click "Share with Client".
  • To ensure your client has access to the workout, you can simulate the client app via the "Options" menu. This allows you to see exactly how the client will view the session, including the ability to toggle views and receive session feedback.


With GoXPro's Workout Builder, creating dynamic and engaging HIIT sessions for your clients is efficient and intuitive. This tutorial has walked you through each process step, from initial setup to sharing workouts with clients, ensuring a comprehensive and customizable fitness experience.