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Semi-Private Coaching.

Industry First Technology.

GoXPro is the only platform to offer Semi-Private Coaching software to the fitness industry. This feature is not just a new functionality but a strategic advantage for gym chains, studio owners, and personal trainers aiming to innovate, grow their business, and offer a highly desirable service that benefits both business and clients.

GoXPro for Studio Owners
What is Semi Private Coaching?

Semi-Private Coaching revolutionises personal training by perfectly blending individualised attention with the dynamic energy of group sessions.

Unlike traditional small group training, the semi-private coaching feature enables each client to receive a custom training program in a 2-5 person group session. This feature:

  • Ensures personalised attention to each client's unique goals within a group setting.
  • Enables the coach to switch between client programs in a single click seamlessly.
  • Enhances the training experience and significantly boosts session revenue, making it the perfect solution for maximising business potential.
Gain a competitive edge by being the first to offer Semi-Private Coaching — an exclusive feature to GoXPro users.


Case study
This case study illustrates the results that Semi-Private Coaching provides a gym, fitness studio or personal trainer that traditionally charges $100 for a one-on-one coaching session.

In this example, the coach conducts a Semi-Private Coaching session for five individuals, charging $50 per person.

As a result, in just one hour of coaching, the studio generates $250 instead of the usual $100, thus boosting its revenue by 150% per hour. The coach also regains 80% of their time due to coaching 5 clients in one hour, instead of five hours, saving four hours.

This approach not only increases the gym’s profitability exponentially, but also offers clients a more cost-effective way to access highly personalised coaching in a group setting.
+ 150% 
Revenue increased per session.
With 5 clients, the coach generates $250, which is 150% more than running a private session at $100.

Time regained for the coach.
Instead of spending 5 hours with 5 clients individually, Semi-Private Coaching will only take up 1 hour for the same group, freeing up the coach to book in more sessions.
2 to 5
Number of clients in each session.
Up to 5 clients in the same session with their own highly personalised programs or assessments. 

Cost saving for the client for the session.
Each client saves 50% compared to a standard 1-1 session price without losing the personal touch.

Keep it personal, make it profitable.

With our solution, you will:
Counter the trend of clients moving from 1:1 to cheaper group sessions without losing the personalised touch.
Maximise your income with semi-private coaching, turning limited hours into greater revenue opportunities.
Double or triple your earnings from individual sessions by leveraging semi-private coaching without compromising client personalisation.
Boost client loyalty by fostering their inclusion in a supportive and motivating community.
Gain a competitive edge and attract new clients by being the first to offer semi-private coaching in your area.

Personalised progress in a motivating community for your client.

With our solution, your clients will:
Enjoy the affordability of group training with the tailored focus of personal coaching.
Access premium training options at lower costs, bringing their fitness goals within reach.
Be part of a motivated community, sharing progress and celebrating success together.

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