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GoXPro has engineered a unique 360-degree digital platform unlike anything else on the market. Our holistic solution combines innovative coaching methods, advanced training tools and efficient systems for upskilling trainers. The outcome? Trainers who aren't just good but the absolute best.

GoXPro Features

Features Spotlight

How our features enhance your clients' fitness journeys.


Effortlessly design tailor-made coaching sessions
Harness the power of rapid program creation and turn exercises into a bespoke fitness journey tailored to your client's unique goals.
Program builder & exercise library

Unleash a world of training possibilities with our extensive program builder, offering over 2,500 exercises, and the option to add your own.

Design quickly and easily dynamic, engaging workouts that cater specifically to your client's objectives, ensuring variety that keeps motivation high and churn low.

Program templates

Create your own program templates, or choose from 85+ pre-designed programs focused on posture and fitness goals.

You can establish signature workouts that embody your gym's ethos and cater to your client's specific needs with ease.

Sharing programs with clients

Instantly share personalised programs through the MyCoach client app, train clients from your coach's app.

GoXPro fosters dialogue, transforming fitness journeys with interactive adjustments and instant feedback.

It's dynamic, engaging, and transformative.

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Technology for pure motivation

Workouts builder
Trim hours off planning and pump up productivity.
Versatile workout builder

The workout builder is one of two training plan builders in GoXPro. Use it to build AMRAP, EMOM, HIIT or REHAB.

Showcase and share

Display workouts on a TV, share them to your client's MyCoach client app or use them in coaching sessions from your coach's app.

Saves time & money

With our reusable workout templates, you will save hundreds of hours in non-billable programming time each year. Optimising your time and boosting your financial bottom line.

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Client App
Effortlessly bridge the gap between in-person and remote coaching using our dedicated client app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.
Dedicated client app

Offer a flexible training approach that combines in-club and remote coaching options. Reach clients wherever they are, whether it's in the gym or at home.

Customise workouts and provide guidance regardless of location, expanding your client base and accommodating diverse preferences.

Pure personalisation

Deliver precisely tailored programs and workouts straight to your client's smartphone app, including AMRAP, EMOM, HIIT, or Rehab circuits.

Digital program delivery & results tracking

Easily track their workout results, assess performance and adjust training plans accordingly.

Foster client accountability and motivation by sharing achievements and milestones.

Strengthen your coaching relationship by providing a transparent view of client progress, ultimately leading to better client outcomes.

App features

Clients can book classes and sessions, access assessment results, share their fitness journey on social media, participate in virtual sessions, and proudly show off their progress and selfies on social media.

The MyCoach client app is like having a coach in your pocket - a true fitness powerhouse! The good news it is free with your GoXPro subscription.

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GoXPro Coaching Features - Client App


Versatile Coaching Styles (in-club and remote)
Increase gym earnings with GoXPro's diverse coaching styles. Whether it's private 1-on-1 coaching, semi private coaching, small group training, or self-guided workouts, our platform maximises your revenue while delivering top-tier fitness experiences.
Private 1-on-1 coaching:

Deliver 100% individualised programs based on your client’s goals, strengths and biomechanical weaknesses. 

Semi-private coaching

Not to be confused with small group coaching, using GoXPro enables each of your clients (2 to 5 people) in a semi private session to have their own individualised program. For the coach, switch between client programs in a single click.

Small group coaching

GoXpro gives you the digital technology to design and run small group personal training classes such as HIIT, AMRAP, EMOM, or Rehab workouts.

Display them on a TV or coach from your mobile device, all without the need for an old-school whiteboard.

Self-train sessions

Seamlessly blend in-person and remote coaching with this dedicated client facing application (iOS & Android).

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GoXPro Coaching Features - Versatile Coaching Styles


Multi weeks program blocks
Streamline your fitness programs with multi-week training plans. Save time and supercharge your gym's efficiency by drastically decreasing the time needed to built programs.
The Multi-week Program and Multi-program Group

From one to many participants, the Multi-week Program feature revolutionises workout planning. It offers a time-efficient approach for coaches to design varied training plans, for daily to yearly schedules.

This system facilitates advanced weekly planning, allowing quick organisation of daily workouts. Integrating shorter exercices into extended multi-week programs enables the development of comprehensive training schedules with ease.

This streamlined process not only saves significant time for coaches but also enhances gym management efficiency.

Multi-week Training Blocks

With Multi-week Training Blocks, coaches gain a clear overview of workout programs, including exercise types, sessions types, daily goals and challenges.

This clarity allows for swift and easy adjustments to training plans, tailoring each training plan to the client's specific needs. The option to repeat programs weekly simplifies planning and ensures consistent training. Moreover, the ability to customise sessions in terms of repetitions, weights, and exercises enriches the training experience, making it more effective and personally relevant for clients.

These features collectively enhance the overall training quality, benefiting both coaches and gym management in terms of time management and client satisfaction.

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GoXPro Coaching Features - Multi-week Program Blocks


360-degree holistic coaching
Enhance your coaching with wearables integration, offering a 360-degree view of your client's activities, dynamic biological age, and empowering data control, ensuring a more informed, holistic and motivating fitness journey.
360° client activity insights with wearables

Gain a complete 360-degree view of your client's activities both inside and outside coaching sessions.

Access exercise data at a glance, including sleep patterns, steps, calories, distances, classes attended, and workout milestones achieved.

Our system automatically calculates your client's dynamic biological age from their daily wearable data. It's data-driven coaching, ensuring your clients reach their fitness goals precisely and efficiently. Welcome to the future of coaching!

Dynamic biological age

Our system automatically calculates your client's dynamic biological age from their daily wearable data.

It's a powerful, motivating tool that provides a clear and encouraging measure of progress when combined with regular workouts and activities. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a more informed and motivated fitness journey!

Empowering members with data control

Clients have the absolute authority to choose whether they wish to track their data, ensuring their fitness journey remains personalised and enjoyable. It's all about their preferences and rules, putting them in the driver's seat of their fitness experience.

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GoXPro Coaching Features - 360 Degree Holistic Coaching


Digital Club Challenges
Supercharge member engagement and motivation with GoXPro's Digitalised Club Challenges, setting your gym up for unprecedented success. Elevate coaching effectiveness, boost client retention, and create a thriving fitness community, all within a seamlessly organised challenge environment backed by wearable stats and dynamic leaderboards.
Digitalise and simplify challenge creation and participation

Brace yourselves for a game-changing transformation with digitalised challenges. These cutting-edge solutions redefine challenge management, making it a breeze while supercharging member engagement.

Say goodbye to manual headaches as this revolutionary tool simplifies challenge creation, organisation, display and oversight.

Participants seamlessly track their progress, engage in friendly competition through leaderboards, and receive real-time updates that fuel their motivation.

This dynamic platform not only streamlines challenge administration but also has the power to morph your gym into a thriving and enthusiastic fitness community, propelling your success to unprecedented levels.

Power members motivation by real-time insights and leaderboard

Elevate your coaching effectiveness with wearable stats. Delve deeper into your client's performance, uncovering valuable insights that drive motivation and success.

Recognise exceptional accomplishments across diverse categories, including "Most Improved," "Best New Member," and gender distinctions, all bolstering client retention.

Embrace the convenience of flexible challenge participant management, ensuring an inclusive and dynamic experience tailored to each client's needs.

Additionally, harness the benefits of in-the-moment education, guaranteeing the consistent application of engaging challenge protocols. This approach creates a seamless and motivating journey, setting your clients to success and satisfaction.

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GoXPro Coaching Features - Digital Club Challenges


Increase PT retention
Elevate your coach’s skills to new heights, making your gym their long-term home. GoXPro’s innovative approach includes customisable short courses for trainer upskilling. Courses can be drip-fed to trainers based on the coaches level, this ensures that coaches grow their coaching knowledge in a logical sequence. Say goodbye to high turnover rates and hello to a team of dedicated fitness professionals who drive success. With GoXPro the platform that coaches upskill on is the platform they coach on.
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GoXPro Coaching Features - Increase Trainer retention


Corporate client
Case study
Operating across 5 countries, with 350,000+ members and over 2,800 coaches, Evolution Wellness is the largest gym chain in South East Asia.

GoXPro is used exclusively by Evolution Wellness as both a learning experience platform (LXP) during trainer education and up-skilling and as their coaching platform for the day to day engagement, assessments and coaching of their Personal Training clients

The statistics shown in this case study highlight the business success that Fitness First and Celebrity fitness have had since adopting GoXPro.
Rookie Ramp-up
Pre-covid: 8 months v Q1 2023: 4 months
 = 100% increase
Total PT hours
Q1 2022: 409k v Q1 2023: 595k
= 45% increase in 12 months
PT penetration
Pre-covid: 8% v August 22: 13%
= 63% increase
Guest to member closing rate
Up from 56% to 72% within 12 months of launching GoXPro.

“The adoption of GoXPro into our Fitness Experience is helping us steer our PT businesses to new heights.”
Simon Flint, Former CEO, Evolution Wellness (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, Fire FIT, Fivelements, GO Fit).

Software Integrations

Future-proof your business
Smart technologies that make your life easier.
Club software integrations
  • Moodle
  • Exerp
  • Xoda (coming soon)
  • Evolt (coming soon)
  • MyFitness Pal (coming soon)
Payment & accounting platform integrations
  • Xero
  • Stripe
Video platform integrations
  • YouTube
  • Facetime
  • Messenger
  • MS Teams
  • Skype
  • Vimeo
  • Zoom
Social media integrations
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
GoXPro App Integrations

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