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Experience the uniqueness of GoXPro's client-centric onboarding, crafted for personalised, effective fitness journeys from day one.

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How our features enhance your clients' fitness journeys.

Pre-exercise questionnaires & goals

Personalised onboarding
Seize the core of client aspirations from day one with an in-depth pre-screening, anchor their loyalty with razor-sharp goal targeting, and deliver a bespoke onboarding experience that transforms every sign-up into a loyal PT client.
Pre-screening: dive deep from the get-go

Start your client's fitness journey with digital pre-exercise screening, ensuring personal trainers understand each client's unique fitness level and health history.

This isn't just an introduction; it's the foundation for custom-crafted workout plans that are as unique as each individual, addressing specific needs and breaking limitations.

Goals: target success with laser focus

Our sophisticated goal-setting tools aren't just features but blueprints for ambition.

Trainers and clients collaborate to set and pursue clear, achievable targets.

It's not just tracking progress; it's creating a journey of success that boosts client motivation and keeps them coming back for more.

Customisable forms

Our customisable forms make building a strong connection between trainers and clients easy. They help you track workouts, nutrition, sleep and stress, ensuring a comprehensive view of each client's well-being.

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GoXPro Client On-Boarding and Assessments Features - Personalised onboarding

A highly motivational tool for clients

Cutting edge assessments
Empower your clients with GoXPro’s motivational assessment tools. Our advanced Biomechanics assessments offer a suite of evaluations that provide clarity and direction for both clients and trainers.
Biomechanics Coaching System

Create a clear point of difference for your fitness business.

This easy to use, built-in client assessment system includes protocols for fitness, wellness, posture & biomechanics testing, as well as body composition and girth measurements.

Choose the assessment pack that best suits the needs of each of your clients.

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GoXPro Client On-Boarding and Assessments Features - Cutting edge assessments

Increase client engagement

Tailored assessment reports
Boost client involvement with insightful and personalised assessment reports.
These powerful engagement tools provide detailed insights into progress and pinpoint areas ripe for improvement. Fuel your client's motivation with visible, measurable success. Retention is not just hoped for; it's engineered.
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GoXPro Client On-Boarding and Assessments Features - Tailored client assessment reports


Corporate client
Case study
Operating across 5 South countries, with 350,000+ members and over 2,800 coaches, Evolution Wellness is the largest gym chain in South East Asia.

GoXPro is used exclusively by Evolution Wellness as both a learning experience platform (LXP) during trainer education and up-skilling and as their coaching platform for the day to day engagement, assessments and coaching of their Personal Training clients

The statistics shown in this case study highlight the business success that Fitness First and Celebrity fitness have had since adopting GoXPro.
Rookie Ramp-up
Pre-covid: 8 months v Q1 2023: 4 months
 = 100% increase
Total PT hours
Q1 2022: 409k v Q1 2023: 595k
= 45% increase in 12 months
PT penetration
Pre-covid: 8% v August 22: 13%
= 63% increase
Guest to member closing rate
Up from 56% to 72% within 12 months of launching GoXPro.

“The adoption of GoXPro into our Fitness Experience is helping us steer our PT businesses to new heights.”
Simon Flint, Former CEO, Evolution Wellness (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, Fire FIT, Fivelements, GO Fit).

Software Integrations

Future-proof your business
Smart technologies that make your life easier.
Club software integrations
  • Moodle
  • Exerp
  • Xoda (coming soon)
  • Evolt (coming soon)
  • MyFitness Pal (coming soon)
Payment & accounting platform integrations
  • Xero
  • Stripe
Video platform integrations
  • YouTube
  • Facetime
  • Messenger
  • MS Teams
  • Skype
  • Vimeo
  • Zoom
Social media integrations
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
GoXPro App Integrations

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