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Automated cash-flow
Automate payments to ensure a steady financial flow and reduce administrative burdens.
Direct debit

Effortlessly manage automated recurring direct debits and invoicing.

Session packs

Sell session packs or one-off sessions using our integrated payment gateways.


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GoXPro Business Operations Features - Automated Cash Flow


Data-driven success
Unleash the power of smart data. Gain deep insights into your personal training clients and efficiently manage your trainers. No more guesswork, just precision.
Smart Client Data

Unveil the hidden potential within your client base with our Smart Client Data tool. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise knowledge about your Personal Training clients.

Gain deep insights into their identities, goals, engagement levels, and workout habits. Harness the power of this knowledge for laser-focused marketing efforts that speak directly to their needs.

With Smart Client Data, you'll know your clients better and see your fitness business flourish like never before.

Track Trainer Performance Data

Efficiently manage your trainers and optimise your fitness business with our Trainer Performance Data tracking system. Get a clear picture of each trainer's performance statistics and the value they bring to your establishment.

Our projected income and wages table gives insights into the revenue your trainers will generate for your business.

Monitor the balance between paid and completed sessions right from your dashboard. With comprehensive measurement tools, you have the means to manage and grow your fitness business to new heights.

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GoXPro Business Operations Features - Data Driven Success


Your gym's branding & IP
With GoXPro's branding options you can strengthen your gym's brand recognition by making your platform uniquely yours.
Brand personalisation option

Elevate your brand's identity with personalised branding options.

Add a professional touch by customising the platform with your branding elements, reinforcing brand loyalty among clients and creating a distinctive image for your Gym club.

Incorporate your own intellectual property

Integrate your exclusive exercises, forms, and programs into our platform.

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GoXPro Business Operations Features - Your Gym's Branding and IP


Enhance operational efficiency
Streamline your gym's operational efficiency with GoXPro's seamless integration with leading club software, facilitating real-time communication and eliminating manual data entry for efficient and organised fitness management.
Seamless integration & real-time communication between platforms

Seamlessly integrate with leading club software, enabling real-time communication between platforms.

Enjoy enhanced operational efficiency and data synchronisation, ensuring a cohesive and organised fitness management experience.

Xero Integration

Achieve efficient accounting practices with seamless Xero integration. Keep your financial records in order while reducing manual data entry.

Access to streamlined accounting processes allows you to focus on growing your fitness business.

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GoXPro Business Operations Features - Enhance Operational Efficiency


Corporate client
Case study
Operating across 5 South East Asian countries, with 350,000+ members and over 2,800 coaches, Evolution Wellness is the largest gym chain operator in the region.

GoXPro is used exclusively by Evolution Wellness as both a learning experience platform (LXP) during trainer education and up-skilling and as their coaching platform for the day to day engagement, assessments and coaching of their Personal Training clients

The statistics shown in this case study highlight the business success that Fitness First and Celebrity fitness have had since adopting GoXPro.
Rookie Ramp-up
Pre-covid: 8 months v Q1 2023: 4 months
 = 100% increase
Total PT hours
Q1 2022: 409k v Q1 2023: 595k
= 45% increase in 12 months
PT penetration
Pre-covid: 8% v August 22: 13%
= 63% increase
Guest to member closing rate
Up from 56% to 72% within 12 months of launching GoXPro.

“The adoption of GoXPro into our Fitness Experience is helping us steer our PT businesses to new heights.”
Simon Flint, Former CEO, Evolution Wellness (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, Fire FIT, Fivelements, GO Fit).

Software Integrations

Future-proof your business.
Smart technologies that make your life easier.
Club software integrations
  • Moodle
  • Exerp
  • Xoda (coming soon)
  • Evolt (coming soon)
  • MyFitness Pal (coming soon)
Payment & accounting platform integrations
  • Xero
  • Stripe
Video platform integrations
  • YouTube
  • Facetime
  • Messenger
  • MS Teams
  • Skype
  • Vimeo
  • Zoom
Social media integrations
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
GoXPro App Integrations

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