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Our self-managed pricing model adapts at the click of a button to the size of your fitness business. All prices are in Australian Dollars.  
Our self-managed pricing model adapts at the click of a button to the size of your fitness business. All prices are in Australian Dollars.  

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For  gym chains, franchisors, studio owners 
and personal trainers.

Industry Leading Modules

Small Group Personal Training
Use GoXPro to build and display circuits such as HIIT, AMRAP, EMOM or REHAB. style workouts.
One-on-One Personal Training
Face-to-face & remote digital coaching.
Posture, Biomechanics, Wellness & Fitness Assessments
Pre-exercise screening and goal detecting questionnaires, biomechanics assessments with integrate movement screens and individualised client reports.
Fitness Business Essentials (connects to Ezypay, Stripe & Xero)
Simplify your financial processes with automated direct debits and streamlined invoice generation, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional fitness services without the hassle of complex billing.
Client Facing iOS & Android App
Offer a flexible training approach that combines in-club and remote coaching options. Reach clients wherever they are, whether it's in the gym or at home. Customise workouts and provide guidance regardless of location, expanding your client base and accommodating diverse preferences.

Standout Features

Unlimited Personal Trainers
Add as many trainers to your account as you need at no extra cost.
Unlimited Programs & Sessions
Enjoy unlimited digital programs and sessions.
Mobile/Paperless Trainer's App
Dedicated trainer and client apps eliminate the need for paper.
Group Personal Training TV Display Software
Display workouts on a TV, share them to your client's MyCoach client app or use them in coaching sessions from your coach's app.
Management & Administration Dashboard (M.A.D)
Manage your clients, your coaches and your business with ease.
Payments Collection & Accounting integrations (Ezypay, Stripe & Xero)
Effortlessly manage automated recurring direct debits and invoicing. Sell session packs or one-off sessions using our integrated payment gateways.
2500+ Sequenced Exercises
GoXPro offers an extensive exerise library of more than 2,500 exercises plus the option to add your own.
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