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Exercise progress tracking

In this short tutorial video, we'll explore how, as a client, you can track and view your exercise progressions in the client app. We'll also cover how to share these results to social media.

Step 1: Client app homepage

  • Once on the homepage of your client app, you'll click the "My programs" tile, highlighted here in purple.
  • Please note that depending on the personalized design of your client app, your homepage will look a little different to the one shown in this example. However, the following instructions on how to see your exercise progressions in a program are the same.
  • The "My Programs" page behind the tile lists all your client's current programs, instructed videos and circuit style workouts that have been shared with the client by their coach.
Step 2: Start your workout
  • Click the program name to open it.
  • Inside the program you'll see your program overview. This scrollable page gives you a feel for the types of exercises and number of sets that you'll be doing in this program.
  • Click start to fire up your session.
  • To record your sets, reps and weights, simply slide the up arrow with your finger.
  • Then record your results and check the "Done" box to save what you've done.
  • For any of your exercises with a weight or duration parameter, you'll see an exercise results graph icon at the bottom centre of the screen.
  • Clicking this icon brings up your progression graph for this exercise. You have the choice of seeing your progress during your coached sessions, your solo sessions, or a combination of both coached and solo sessions.

Step 3: Share graph to social media

To share your fantastic progress with the world via your social media account, all you need to do is:

  • Click the "Share" arrow icon, highlighted here in purple.
  • Once clicked you'll be given a choice of share options. In this example we'll choose Facebook by clicking on the blue Facebook button.
  • You can then add a comment and post the graph to your the feed and watch the likes roll in...

Step 4 : All time best result

  • If you want to track and see your 'All time best result' for this exercise, click the "Ever", and then click the trophy icon, highlighted here in purple.
  • You can now see your 'all time best result'. You can of course share this to your preferred social media account. To do so, click the "Share" button.
  • Choose your preferred social media platform; Facebook, instagram, etc.
  • Choose where you'd like to share it. For example, in your feed, as a story, or in a group.
  • You can now add a comment and motivate others by sharing your results. Your gym's logo and your coach's name will be automatically added to your post, so you'll also be doing them a favour by posting.


This tutorial covered tracking exercise progression and sharing results graphs to social media, all from the dedicated client facing application.