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Quick Guide: Activate and personalise SMS Reminders.

Step by step guide:


Get start:

  • Log into your GoXPro account and navigate to your dashboard by selecting the M.A.D button.

Activate SMS Reminders

  • Click on "Configuration" in the left sidebar menu.
  • Choose the 'Club / Independent Coach' tab and scroll to 'Enable SMS Booking Reminder'. Press the 'Edit' button to activate.
  • Read the instructions, tick the "Activate SMS booking reminders" box at the bottom left, and save your changes.

Customise your SMS

  • Return to the 'Club / Independent Coach' tab.
  • Next to the "Enable SMS Booking Reminder " feature, you'll find a new "Configure" button. Click this to personalise your SMS reminders.
  • On the configuration page, press 'Edit' at the top to adjust the SMS reminder settings.

- 'Reminder Lead Time': In this section, decide when reminders should be sent: 24, 48, or 72 hours before sessions. The default setting sends SMS 24 hours prior, but select what suits you best.

- 'Forward Responses To': This section chooses whether responses go to the coach's or club's email.
Save Settings: Confirm your preferences by saving.

Message Templates and Cost

  • Template Viewing: Scroll to "SMS Message Templates" and click "View" to see and edit the default message.
    Message Customisation: Keep the default or click "Edits" to modify. We'll edit the message together by selecting "Edits".
  • Text Entry: Input your message, using the right-hand side elements for automatic personalisation (e.g., appointment date and location, coach's name, club name), which will appear in curly brackets but not in the client's SMS.
  • Cost Explorer: At the bottom, the Cost Explorer shows the message cost. Experiment with different names or countries to see the cost impact.
  • Cost Details: The 'Cost Explorer' details the characters used, cost per SMS part, and total estimated cost. Emojis or special characters are double-counted.
    *Note: costs may vary with exchange rates.

Preview and Test

  • After saving, preview your SMS template. Use "Send Test SMS" to check the message on your phone. Edit if necessary, then submit for review.
  • Submit your SMS template for our team's review to ensure compliance with anti-spam rules. Approval typically takes one business day. The SMS reminder is now set up and customised.

Well done on completing this tutorial. You're all set to enhance client attendance with timely SMS reminders. To your success!