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Selfie Corner functionality in the client app

The Selfie Corner feature in the dedicated client app allows clients to create photo montages such as 'Before and After' body transformations, and then share them on social media. Once shared your club logo is automatically added to the post. In this short tutorial video we'll show you how your clients can build instagram-able moments using the selfie corner feature in their client app.


Step 1: Client app homepage

  • Depending on the personalized design of your client app, your homepage will look a little different to the one shown in this example. However, the instructions on how to use this feature are the same.
  • To get started, simply click the "Selfie Corner" icon to open the feature.
  • Selfie Corner gives you multiple template choices in which you can add your photos. You can choose your preferred template from the 1st option in the settings menu below the photo, highlighted here in green. Then choose a template from the templates menu.

Step 2: Add your photos

  • To add your first photo, tap the photo frame, the one with the camera icon.
  • In the displayed prompt, we'll choose the select a photo option.
  • A confirmation modal may then be displayed asking for permission to access your photos, if so simply click "Allow".
  • You'll then be redirected to your phones photo gallery, where you can select a photo.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to take a photo on the spot by selecting the take a photo option. If you choose this option the app will need to access your phone's camera so that you can take a selfie and upload it here.
  • Once you've selected your first photo, it will be displayed in the frame.
  • You can now adjust the size and position of the photo by pinching out to zoom in, and pinching in to zoom out.
  • To add your second photo, click the camera icon.

Step 3: Settings

  • To adjust the borders and corners of the photos, simply click on the 2nd option from the settings below. This opens a tool with two slide bars.
  • The 1st slider is for adjusting the frame border.
  • The 2nd slider is for rounding the corners of the photos.
  • To add an optional position label, for example, front, side and back views, click the 3rd option from the settings menu below.
  • Select the "Box" icon and choose your label from the dropdown menu above the image.

Step 4: Font type

  • To add a comment to your photo, you can add up to 50 characters of text. This is done by selecting the 3rd option in the settings.
  • To start typing simply touch the screen, this will bring up your keyboard.
  • The text can be easily repositioned by dragging with a finger, it can also be resized with a two-finger pinch to zoom in and out.
  • The color of the text font can be changed by clicking the font color setting on the top right of the screen.
  • The background color of the text can also be modified. Do this by clicking the background color icon on the top right side of the screen, and then choosing a color from the color palette.
  • Let's not forget the font style; it can also be easily modified by clicking the font style icon, located at the top right of the screen.
  • Once your done adding text to your photos, simply click "Next" to proceed, or "Cancel" to start again.

Step 5: Save & share

  • You now have the choice of saving the image to your files by clicking save selfie. Or, to share your selfie to various social media accounts. To do this simply click the "Share" button in the footer.
  • Once you've clicked the Share button you'll be given a choice of social media platforms to share to; Facebook, Insta, etc. Selecting your preferred social media platform will automatically redirect you to your account.
  • After clicking the "Post" button, your selfie will be visible in your feed. Your gym's logo will also be visible on the post.
This guide covered how to create images to share on social media, such as 'Before and After' photos using the selfie-corner functionality of the client app. More social media shares, means more third party advertising for your gym, and more recognition for your great results!