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Scheduling client bookings

This guide will walk you through scheduling bookings using the calendar in your coach's app. It will explain how clients are categorized by activity level and will introduce the "Today" page for your daily bookings overview.


Step 1: Clients tab

First, let's visit the Clients page inside your GoXPro app.

  • On the left of the page, select the "Clients" tab.
  • This page displays only our active clients. (In our example, we observe 12 clients in all categories, from active to discontinued.)

Step 2: Understanding client status

  • Your app automatically assigns a client's status based on their level of activity with their coach. For instance, a lead will become active as soon as you perform an assessment, a program, or a session with them.
  • To view your clients with other statuses such as "Prospect", "Passive"," Discontinued", "Deleted", or "Guest", click the "Other" button.

Step 3: Information on client status rules

To better understand the rules surrounding each client status, click the information button at the top of the page.

Step 4: Guest status for micro-assessments

 The "Guest" status:

  • If GoXPro is integrated with your club software, all clients will be added to that software and automatically transferred to your GoXPro app.
  • The "Guest" status enables you to incorporate a potential gym member into your GoXPro app for a brief evaluation. This micro-assessment is designed as a promotional tool to convert the individual into a paying gym member. Importantly, the data gathered during this assessment won't integrate with your leading club software and is set to erase automatically at midnight on the assessment day.

Step 5: Navigating the Clients tab

Two notable buttons in the "Clients" tab are the magnifying glass and the cogwheel:

  • The magnifying glass opens a search feature, enabling you to swiftly find the client you're looking for —particularly useful when you have numerous clients in a single status category. 
  • The cogwheel opens a function that, depending on your club's settings, you might or might not have. It allows you to view only your PT clients or all the PT clients in your club.

Step 6: Client folders and weigh-ins

Each client is automatically assigned a client folder when added to your coaching app.  

  • Their goals and contraindications to exercise are always clearly visible in their folders. 
  • Clicking the downward arrow on the folder opens a dropdown with additional client information.
  • Conduct weekly weigh-ins with your clients by clicking on the specified button.
  • Record a new weigh-in by clicking the "Add" button. Changes in body weight are auto-calculated for you.

Step 7: Viewing the Calendar

Take a look at your calendar by:

  • Clicking on the "Calendar" tab. The calendar has selectable day, week, and month views by clicking on the buttons at the top right of the page.
  • If enabled, the dropdown menu to the left of the calendar view buttons allows you to see the calendars of all the trainers in your club.

Step 8: Overlay your pre-set availability

You can show your pre-set hours of availability by selecting the "Show Availability" box at the top of the page.

Step 9: Adding a new booking

  • Add a new booking by clicking on the desired time slot, for example, tomorrow at 11 am.
  • You'll then see a new booking pop-up. This allows you to book multiple types of sessions, from coaching sessions, in-person or online, to group classes and events like team meetings or personal appointments.


Congratulations! You now know how to schedule appointments and manage clients using your GoXPro app. Well done on enhancing your skills and streamlining your processes!