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Pre-exercise screening questionnaire & goal setting

This guide delves into the GoXPro Pre-Exercise Questionnaire, explaining the importance of each question and how it shapes the development of training programs. Understanding the reasons behind these questions allows for a more customized approach to each client's needs.

Question 1 - Current fitness level: Asking clients to estimate their fitness level provides insight into their self-perception and motivation. This baseline aids in monitoring progress and adjusting expectations.

Questions 2 and 3 - Sports participation: These questions identify if the client regularly engages in sports, informing you about their activity level and preferences. This assists in recommending suitable exercises and intensity levels.

Question 4 - Daily activity level: Understanding if a client is predominantly sedentary highlights potential issues like poor posture or muscle imbalances, guiding the focus towards corrective exercises.

Questions 5, 6, and 7 - Health concerns: Inquiring about health problems ensures that any client with medical issues obtains proper clearance and their program adheres to safety guidelines, using the Do's and Don't's manual for reference.

Question 8 - Post-operative or injury status: This question assesses the impact of surgeries, injuries, or accidents, allowing for adaptations to avoid contraindicated exercises, and to include beneficial ones.

Question 9 - Pregnancy status: For pregnant or postnatal clients, knowing the due date and current trimester enables the adjustment of exercises to ensure safety and effectiveness based on pregnancy guidelines.

Question 10 - Smoking habits: Asking about smoking habits and advising against smoking before sessions can enhance the client's lung capacity and overall workout performance.

Question 11 - Dietary habits: Understanding a client's dietary practices can highlight challenges in weight management, guiding nutritional advice and dietary adjustments.

Questions 12 and 13 - Medical treatment and medication: These questions reveal current medical treatments and medications crucial for identifying side effects that may affect training and physical activity.

Question 14 - Resistance training experience: Knowing a client's history with resistance training can indicate how quickly they might adapt to new routines, leveraging muscle memory for more efficient progress.

Question 15 - Goals detection: This section allows clients to articulate their fitness goals, enabling GoXPro to tailor the program automatically to meet these objectives.

Question 16 - Goal importance: Determining the importance of goals helps understand the client's motivation, whether intrinsic or driven by external factors.

Question 17 - Confidence level: Assessing a client's confidence in achieving their fitness goals can guide the approach to motivation and support, addressing any self-doubt or confidence issues.

Question 18 - Motivating factors: Identifying specific motivators aids in customizing motivational strategies to keep clients engaged and focused on their objectives.

Question 19 - Potential obstacles: Anticipating obstacles allows for preemptive planning, ensuring clients have strategies to overcome common barriers to training, such as time constraints or family commitments.

Question 20 - Expectations from the coach: Understanding what clients expect from their coach helps align coaching methods with client needs, focusing on results, motivation, and other key areas.

This questionnaire is a comprehensive tool for gathering vital information from clients, enabling the creation of personalized, effective training programs within GoXPro. Each question is designed to uncover essential aspects of the client's health, lifestyle, and preferences, ensuring that training is safe and aligned with their fitness goals.