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Programs & sessions overview

This tutorial guides you through the process of creating and customizing a client's program in GoXPro.

Step 1: Accessing programs

  • Within a client's folder, select the "Programs" tab.
  • Tap the "Add" button at the top right to initiate a new program.

Step 2: Selecting program types

  • You can create a blank one- to five-day split program or use a pre-built program template. For our tutorial, we will create a two-day split program.
  • Opt for a blank 2-day split program by making your selection.

Step 3: Incorporating exercises or templates

  • With a blank 2-day split program ready, click the "+" button to add exercises or a pre-built program template.
  • Upon clicking the "+" button, you'll be presented with options to add from a program template, insert an exercise section title, add exercises, or use rapid insert for single or multiple exercises via our platform-wide search tool.

Step 4: Using program templates

  • Select "Add From Program Template" to incorporate a pre-built template into the client's program.
  • Choose a template from GoXPro's built-in or your own templates and click "Add" to apply it to your client's program.
  • The chosen program is now successfully added to day 1 of the 2-day split program.

Step 5: Modifying the program 

  • To modify the program quickly, access the contextual menu of functions. 
  • Press and hold an exercise on mobile for half a second, or right-click on PC or Mac. 
  • This menu allows the insertion of templates, exercise titles, new exercises, and rearranging or deletion within the program.

Step 6: Viewing full session

  • Click the icon at the top right for a comprehensive session overview.

Step 7: Reviewing exercise details

  • Selecting an exercise opens a pop-up with its parameters or returns you to the exercise in the previous view.


This feature offers a streamlined and intuitive approach to customizing training programs. It empowers you to make on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring each session is perfectly tailored to your client's needs and circumstances.