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Evolve clients' fitness journeys with GoXPro's programming structure.

This guide will walk you through the steps to evolve your client's program at each session during their fitness journey.


Step 1: Understanding the program view

  • Start by examining the "Base Program" (in blue) and the "Coached Sessions" (in green) within the "Coached Sessions" section.
  • Modify or change sessions as needed based on client progress and feedback.
  •  Click "View" to delve into the details of the base program or to get a quick summary.
  • Click on exercise image thumbnails for a detailed view; close with the "X" button.
  •  Use the "Create a Plan" feature to adjust the next coached session, drawing upon insights from the last session.

Step 2: Tailoring individual sessions

  • Use the "Solo" button to focus on sessions your client completes independently.
  •  An overview icon provides a glance at both past and forthcoming coached and solo sessions, ensuring a holistic view of the client's journey.

Step 3: Creating and finalizing plans

  • You can craft new or solo-specific plans at the end of each swim lane based on the latest session or the initial base program.
  • Choose from GoXPro's prebuilt templates or your customized ones under "My Templates."
  • After selection, create a solo or updated coached plan, ready for immediate use or further modification.

Step 4: Concluding with program updates

  •  Return to the programs page to review the revised plan, which is prepped for the client's next session.
  • All program parameters are visible in the client-facing app, ensuring clear communication of expectations and goals.

This guide has covered essential steps for navigating and using GoXPro's programming structure, including selecting initial plans, viewing programs and exercises, creating specific plans, and accessing templates. Now, you are well-equipped to guide your clients through their fitness journey with GoXPro.