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Press Release: Semi-Private Coaching

A global industry-first: GoXPro set to revolutionise the fitness world with new tech for Semi-Private Coaching


GoXPro - a market-leading digital platform for gym chains, studios and personal trainers - is proud to announce the launch of new personal training software to cater for in-person Semi-Private Coaching; a pioneering feature set to revolutionise the fitness industry. GoXPro is at the forefront of innovation with this hybrid digital/in-person solution, bringing together the best of both worlds - highly individualised client attention and the dynamic energy of group sessions.

Unlike traditional small group training, the Semi-Private Coaching feature enables each client to receive a custom digitalised training program in a 2-5 in-person group session, and enables the coach to seamlessly switch between client programs in a single click.

This new technology is a strategic advantage for fitness professionals aiming to innovate, grow their business, and offer a highly desirable service that benefits both business and clients.

GoXPro’s Semi-Private Coaching software takes personal training to new heights by combining the benefits of one-on-one attention with the motivational and inspiring atmosphere of group training. This revolutionary tech approach not only enhances the client training experience but also significantly boosts session revenue, making it the perfect solution for fitness businesses looking to maximise their potential.


A win for business…

Fitness businesses implementing GoXpro’s Semi-Private Coaching software will see remarkable results. On average, the revenue increase per session is an impressive 150%, allowing fitness professionals to maximise their income and turn limited hours into greater revenue opportunities. Moreover, coaches can easily regain 80% of their time by training multiple clients in a single hour, saving valuable hours that can be invested back into growing their business.

By activating the Semi-Private Coaching feature, fitness businesses gain a competitive edge and attract new clients seeking a more personalised and cost-effective way to achieve their fitness goals. This innovative approach counters the trend of clients moving towards cheaper group sessions without compromising on the personalised touch that personal training provides. 


… and a win for clients.

With GoXPro's Semi-Private Coaching feature, clients can enjoy the affordability of group training while still receiving a highly tailored focus on their individual goals. This personalised attention ensures that each client's unique needs are met within the group setting, creating a truly inclusive and supportive environment. Clients become part of a motivated community, sharing progress and celebrating success together, fostering loyalty and long-term commitment.

Speaking of the new Semi-Private Coaching capability, GoXPro’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Thomas, shared:

“GoXPro's Semi-Private Coaching software is truly a game-changer in the fitness industry. By blending individualised attention with the dynamic energy of group sessions, this innovative offering enhances the training experience and significantly boosts session revenue, providing fitness businesses with the perfect solution to maximise their potential. Fitness industry leaders looking to stay ahead of the game should look no further than GoXPro. They will gain a potent competitive edge by being the first to offer Semi-Private Coaching — an exclusive feature to GoXPro users.”


Standout data capabilities = exceptional business effectiveness + smarter business decisions.

GoXPro’s overall data tracking and analysis capability is ridiculously powerful for gaining visibility on the effectiveness of business sales funnels and generating revenue growth from memberships, assessments and personal training. Based on customer engagement and conversion metrics business owners will see, at a glance, which revenue on-ramps are delivering the most value. Embracing the power of GoXPro as a holistic personal training platform is a deliberate move and allows business leaders to differentiate from competitors and offer a highly desirable end-to-end personal training service that benefits both their business growth and client experiences.


About GXP

GoXPro is the most innovative and market-leading digital platform for gym chains, studios and personal trainers globally – providing the smartest way to deliver the biggest impact in business and for clients. In 2023 alone, their impressive platform recorded 2.1m+ coached sessions completed, 135k+ active PT clients, 3.7k+ active coaches, 132k+ client assessments completed, and 193k+ client programs created. 

GoXPro's solution offers other unique features such as extensive trainer education for up-skilling staff, digitalisation of club challenges, advanced postural and biomechanics assessments, and an extensive program builder of 2,500+ exercises. Other features include hybrid coaching programming, coach app, payment integrations and client app. The additional all-in-one solution provides the ultimate one-stop-shop for fitness professionals to save time and money; vastly improving efficiency and their experience of running a business.

Last year, NAVIS Capital (the majority stakeholder in Evolution Wellness) invested in GoXPro following the personal training success that Evolution Wellness owned brands, Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness, have consistently experienced since implementing the platform. This investment further strengthens GoXPro's position as a leading global provider of exemplary, leading-edge digital solutions for gym chains, studio owners and personal trainers.

“GoXPro allows us to standardise our education journeys and accelerate the skills training for our personal trainers. With GoXPro, our business benefits from both cost and efficiency, as well as staff wellbeing and retention improvements and ultimately revenue growth from client conversion and satisfaction.”

David Prosser, CEO, Evolution Wellness (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, Fire FIT, Fivelements, GO Fit).

GoXPro currently operates in Australia, Southeast Asia, France, Belgium and Switzerland, with imminent expansion into the Middle East, UK and US.


Press enquiries: sophie.aghdami@goxpro.com