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Press Release: Digitalised Challenges

GoXPro’s digitalised solutions are revolutionising club challenges for gym chains and studios

GoXPro, a global leader in SaaS solutions for Personal Training, is transforming much of the fitness industry with the launch of its cutting-edge 'Digitalised Challenges' feature. This new offering enhances client engagement and retention, while generating new corporate leads and Personal Training clients, making it a must-have for gyms and studios looking to stay ahead in a competitive market.


Engage, retain and generate leads: GoXPro’s gamified digital challenges do it all.

GoXPro’s Digitalised Challenges crank up the excitement with gamification, turning mundane exercises into electrifying contests. Real-time leaderboards and pure results boards, accessible both in-club and via the client and coach apps, show participant’s progress and keep the motivation sky-high. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?

"Gamifying challenges makes exercise fun, rewarding, and social. Our ultra-configurable digital challenges feature real-time leaderboards in ours apps and on an in-club TV screen. With multi-category winners, points and dynamic animations, competition stays fierce and motivation stays high. What’s more, our pure results boards, used in body transformation challenges, are a key influencer on Personal Training sales " says Jason Thomas, GoXPro’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Generate more leads for Personal Training

One of the standout benefits of GoXPro’s digital challenges is that they create a vibrant, competitive atmosphere that highlights the benefits of Personal Training and showcases your coach’s expertise. Participants get hooked and often seek additional guidance, naturally driving leads for Personal Training services and individualised member assessments.


Proven success at Beyond Activ World event

GoXPro’s digitalised challenges received raving reviews at the Beyond Activ World event in Singapore (June 11-13, 2024). Industry leaders participated in a wall sit challenge and were thrilled by its potential to boost client engagement and impressed by its plug-and-play simplicity

"The response at Beyond Activ was phenomenal. Challengers frequently stopped by our booth to check if their scores had been beaten on the real-time leaderboard" Jason Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of GoXPro.

Building on this success, David Prosser, CEO, Evolution Wellness (Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, Chi Fitness, Fire FIT, Fivelements, GO Fit) said, "We're adopting digitalised challenges in our clubs and are excited about the engagement and client retention they'll bring. These digitalised challenges simplify creation and management for our coaches, who are already enthusiastic about them. This new feature will soon be a game-changer for our gyms."

The GoXPro and Evolution Wellness teams at the ‘Beyond Activ’ World event in Singapore.

From left to right: Michael McKeand, Board Advisor, GoXPro; Jason Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder, GoXPro; Isabelle Wening, Head of Customer Success, GoXPro; David Prosser, CEO, Evolution Wellness; Nuno Fidalgo, General Manager, Fire Fit; Evan Zhang, Coach, Fitness First Singapore.

Customisable, quick and data-driven

Creating and sharing custom digitalised challenges is a breeze with GoXPro. Fully customisable or ready-to-use templates allow you to launch fitness and body transformation challenges in minutes. The platform seamlessly integrates with wearables, enabling members to track their progress and achieve their goals.

But it’s not just about the members! Clubs can track key metrics such as visitor conversion into memberships or Personal Training  services and member fitness assessments. This data-driven approach empowers gyms to refine their strategies and enhance member experiences.


Why adopt GoXPro's digitalised challenges?

Unlike other platforms that focus on specific aspects like heart rate monitoring or general habit tracking, GoXPro stands out with highly customisable challenges catering for both body transformation and fitness challenges. This flexibility creates a more personalised and engaging member experience, meeting a wide range of needs and motivations.

For gym chains and studios looking to stay ahead in a competitive market, GoXPro offers a game-changing solution that is both easy to implement and highly effective.

For more information on GoXPro’s Digitalised Challenges as a stand-alone platform, or as part of a complete Personal Training solution for your fitness business, visit GoXPro Website.




About GoXPro

GoXPro specialises in personal training solutions with a mission to swiftly develop world-class coaches dedicated to enhancing member experiences and ensuring member retention. Recognising that trainers are pivotal to a gym or studio's success, GoXPro has engineered a unique 360-degree digital platform that stands out in the market. This holistic solution integrates innovative coaching methods, advanced training tools and efficient systems for upskilling trainers. The result is professional coaches who excel, driving better member results and increasing revenue outcomes for gyms and studios.

GoXPro currently operates in fifteen countries with imminent expansion into the Middle East, UK and USA.


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