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Program management & sharing your programs with your clients

Learn how to manage programs in your GoXPro software. This guide will show you how to share programs to your client's dedicated client app, copy a program, save a program you like as a reusable template, and delete a program you don't need anymore.


Step 1: Sharing programs with your client

  • To share a program with your client's dedicated client app, start by selecting the program you'd like to share. If it's the base program, click the "Edit" button to enter the program.
  • To share the latest program after several sessions, click on the "Edit" or "View" button to access the default program for the upcoming solo session.

Step 2: Accessing the program summary page

  • Upon entering the program, you'll reach the program summary page displaying session prescribed length, the client's resting heart rate, and their anaerobic threshold, if tested. 
  • You can also set the number of sessions for your client to complete with this program.

Step 3: Managing contraindications

  • Under the "Sessions" field, any contraindications to exercise will be listed.
  • For unfamiliar contraindications, such as hypertension, clicking on the "Do's and Don'ts" section provides a PDF with relevant information and guidelines.

Step 4: Sharing the program to the client's app

  • If satisfied with the program, click the "Actions" button for options including sharing the program to your client's dedicated client app.
  • Select "Share with Client" and confirm to share the program, making it visible in their client-facing application.
  • Another method to invite your client to download the dedicated client app is from their profile page, where you can quickly see if the app is already installed on their phone.
  • To view what your client sees in their app, use the "Simulate Client App" option from the "Options" menu, offering a live, read-only view of the client's app without affecting any data.

Step 5: Accessing program management options

  • For additional program management options such as copying or deleting a program, use the "Actions" button on the program summary page.
  • The "Copy" function allows you to duplicate a program which, after naming, will appear on the programs page.
  • To save a program as a reusable template, select "Save as Template", then name your template, and find it under "Program Templates" in the resources tab.
  • To delete a program, choose "Delete Program" from the actions menu and confirm the deletion.


This guide has introduced you to sharing, copying, saving, and deleting programs in GoXPro, equipping you to manage your programs efficiently.