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Client facing app: Booking 1-on-1 sessions in the member's app.

Learn how your clients can effortlessly book 1-on-1 sessions with you through the GoXPro app.

In a previous tutorial, we covered setting up your default availability and making overrides for specific days within your coach's app. Once your availability is configured, your clients are all set to book sessions directly through their client-facing app.

Here's how it works in the Member's App:

  • Your client begins by tapping the "1-on-1" button within their app. This takes them to a page where they can refine their search based on the session type, duration, choice of coach, and location. For instance, a client chooses a 30-minute session with Coach Michelle at Bell Trinity Center from 8:30 am to 9:30 am and confirms by selecting the timeslot.
  • After selecting the timeslot, they are directed to the booking page. They simply press the "Book Now" button to finalize the booking. If they've booked this session previously, an option to cancel will appear instead.

Managing bookings made easy:

  • Successful bookings automatically populate the client's "My Bookings" page, a centralized spot for overseeing all appointments. This feature is convenient for launching any virtual sessions they've arranged.
  • For virtual sessions, a clickable button appears next to the listed session. A tap on this button opens a virtual Zoom or another online session.

This walkthrough has shown you the client's process for booking a session through their dedicated app. To get a closer look at what your clients experience, remember you can use the Simulate Client App feature under the options menu in your coach's app.