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Build a program from pre-built templates

Welcome to the guide on how to create a client program using pre-designed program templates. Follow these instructions to quickly and easily create a program that meets your client's needs.


Step 1: Starting the process

  • Begin by clicking the "Add" button to initiate the creation of a new program.

Step 2: Selecting a template

  • Choose the "Copy from a Template" option by clicking on the specified area.

Step 3: Choosing a template

  • Select a program template. You can choose from GoXPro's extensive library of built-in program templates or opt for one of your own private templates.

Step 4: Assigning the program

  • Click the "Add" button to assign the selected program template to your client.

Step 5: Customizing the program

  • Once assigned, you have the freedom to modify the program to better suit your client’s specific requirements.


By following these simple steps, you've learnt how to efficiently create a client program using pre-designed templates in GoXPro. This method not only saves time but also ensures you can quickly adapt the program to match your client's evolving needs.