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Add exercises on-the-fly to programs and sessions

This guide will demonstrate how to utilize GoXPro's two exercise search features for swiftly adding exercises to programs and sessions. Whether you prefer the fast method or the super fast approach, this tutorial will enable you to quickly locate and incorporate exercises, match them based on alternate name tags, and more.

Step 1: Using the "Search" features on different devices

  • Mobile device: Long press on an exercise to access the contextual menu of functions.
  • PC or Mac: Right-click on an exercise to reveal the same menu.

Step 2: Rapid insert exercise

  • We'll focus on the exercise search function found within the "Insert Exercise" and "Rapid Insert Exercises" features.
  • Click on an exercise to open the contextual menu, then select "Rapid Insert Exercise After".
  • Type part of the exercise name into the search field. The system uses exercise tags to identify exercises known by alternate names (e.g., lunges are also known as split squats in some regions).
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to begin the search.
  • Search results, along with name tags indicating the name match, will be displayed.
  • Select multiple exercises from the list if needed.
  • Click "Add and Close" to add the exercises to the program and close the list.
  • The exercises will now be added under a new section titled "Lunges".

 Step 3: Insert exercise before or after

  • Reopen the contextual menu and select "Insert Exercise Before" or "After".
  • Use the magnifying glass to access the search feature, identical to the platform-wide search used in the rapid search.
  • Begin typing the name of the exercise you're looking for (a minimum of three letters is required).
  • Initiate the search by clicking the magnifying glass again.
  • Select the desired exercise.
  • You'll be directed to the selected exercise in its library, allowing you to see its placement within the progression of exercises for that muscle group or movement pattern, and to choose another exercise if preferred.
  • At this point, you can set the exercise parameters, or choose to do so later in the program or session.
  • Click the "Add" button to add the exercise to your program or session.
  • The exercise is now successfully added, with an exercise section title that can be renamed or deleted using the contextual menu options.


This tutorial has walked you through adding exercises to programs and sessions on-the-fly with GoXPro's exercise search function. You've learned how to swiftly insert exercises, match them using tags, and more. Now, managing your training programs and sessions with GoXPro is more efficient than ever.