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How to Analyse 
Static Posture

Assessing Static Posture - Front, Side & Rear views

Watch the video below to take a quick look at how you will be using your goXpro Elite to analyse your client's static posture. You'll also get a good overview of the postural landmarks that you will be concentrating on during an evaluation. 


Best Practice

In terms of static postural analysis and photo uploading, below we have mapped out code of practice.

1. When analysing posture your clients should always be barefoot.
2. Take the posture photos using your iPad, tablet or phone and save them to your camera roll. 
The photo should NOT have too much space above or below your client (PS : on a tablet or iPad, you can also take the photo from the 'Front, Side or Back' view pages in goXpro Elite. However, we find that it's more efficient to save them to the camera roll). You may want to use the photos for something else later without the posture lines. 
3. After taking the 'front, side and back' posture photos, place your iPad/tablet etc aside for a moment. Then visually conduct your postural evaluation 'front, side and back', explaining to your client what you are looking at as you go and at the same time assuring them that it is rare to find someone that is completely symmetrical. 
4. After the evaluation session upload the photos, annotate them and add any observational notes you may have.
5. To help position your client, place a piece of scotch tap on the floor 30 cms from your photo wall. Have your client position themselves with their toes on this reference line as we described in the video below.


You're all set to start assessing clients!



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